For any KTV project, it has to be met the below requirement: Multi-system used simultaneously without interference within the space and from the like products; with strong anti-howling function; Easily-installation etc. What’s more, in the aspect of sound quality, the relaxation of singing should be suitable for the masses.

How do we reach the requirements?

  1. MERES microphone makes better use of its function and characteristic when multiple systems are used simultaneously.

1.1 Multiple Different Groups of Frequency:
As traditional wireless microphones transmit and receive signal with quartz crystal fixed frequency, the frequency must be fixed before selling out from factory. However, the preset frequency is not so many, so there is limitation if multiple systems are used simultaneously.

Our ACT series get rid of the traditional fixed frequency mode and use the updated PLL technology. And we set many groups of frequency within certain band width by software setup, thereby reach the gold of reducing the interference rate when multi-frequency used simultaneously.

1.2 The Setup of Transmission Power:
For the traditional transmitter, there is usually one fixed transmission power. Sometimes it can’t satisfy different application. But our updated MERES transmitter, we set high and low transmission grade in it, which can be better used in different application. In terms of technology, the use range of our high transmission power (10mW) is about 50 meters, the low one (5mW) is about 20 meters. Usually in the small KTV room we can set it at low grade. It not only can reduce its signal interference to other room, but also can save battery power.

1.3 The Setup of Squelch:
SQ (SQUELCH) means the sensitivity of receiving. MERES ACT series is with SQ grade adjustment, which can be adjusted according to different project. Generally speaking, the maximum SQ can receive the signal in about 50 meters, the minimum SQ can receive the signal in about 20 meters. In the KTV project, in terms of technology, we usually adjust the button to the position of 1/3 from the minimum side, which can reduce the interference from the same signal source.

1.4 Automatic Frequency Scanning:
This is obviously distinguished from the traditional wireless system, which is a new generation intellectual system, and can scan the interference-free frequency within the effective range,which can greatly reduce the rate of channel-collided caused by manually adjusting the channel. It is a very practical function when multiple systems are used simultaneously.

1.5 Automatic Transmitter Setup through IR:
MERES ACT series wireless microphone is set with more than 100 preset frequency, what’s more, there are several groups with different frequencies. For the KTV project which needs to be finished installation in a short time, it is very hard to realize if use the traditional manually-adjusting frequency system. In order to meet this requirement, our company release this humanized function, which can match the frequency by one button and make it come to realize that the transmitter matches the frequency of the system within one second.

1.6 Our company also set corresponding sound quality according to different application. Especially for KTV, we make special adjustment in the sound quality aimed at the market need. Welcome the customers to our company or the distributor to have a try.

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